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Yeh hai Colleges mein Exams ka Tyohaar !!

Posted on April 12th, 2015 by in The College Store

Celebrating Life – Celebrating Exams ! ;)

At some point of time, everyone of us must have thought of ‘Why! Why God Why! Why do these exams even take place!’. Some would have cursed exams even harshly, some would have cursed their teachers or their professors, or some just prefer to take world’s best sleep in those exam times, when the inner-soul declares a complete surrender. A quick trivia: It is claimed that exams were first invented by Henry A. Fischel. So you definitely have one definite entity to curse, abuse or even burn its effigy every dusshehra :P.


But why are we taking so much interest in exams?! Well…we can’t control how much you hate exams but we can definitely try to mitigate the pain. Ever believed in Santa Claus? Because now you should. The pain will not only lighten up but someone will come directly at your door-step to deliver that magical pain-reliever at free of cost. No No, it’s not a drug or some kind of a medication. It’s something that recommended by professors, followed by peers and is most trust-worthy. Stay tuned for exact details on how to pre-book that magical pain-reliever in our next blog post. So still you can continue hating exams as usual or take a lead from other haters. Because, haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate. :P



Moreover, besides this magical pain-reliever, we will be coming up with a host of other exam solutions in coming days. Oh yes! I can reveal that. That would include a plethora of exam guidance material from experts in the form of ‘extremely important’, ‘regular-in-question-papers’ and other category wise and subject wise topic-explanations in the form of blogs, videos and in all kind of medium you would prefer. Also, last minute must-read or must-learn tricks and tips would be the key topping on the cake.



The ideas in which we can help you are endless and the ways in which you receive them are also innumerable and rest assured we’ll keep bringing you as many solutions as possible from our side. But then, you will also have to engage with us and tell us in what form and on what topic(s) you want to get any kind of guidance at the earliest, or throughout the course of your college education. We will deliver it to you come what may. We will get you a complete guidance on that topic and/or all the other relevant topics as well, so that you just don’t face any kind of problem and you can excel in exams or placements or (warning: for nerds only) even for showing off amongst your friends.

Just drop us a mail at: [email protected]  or directly to me at [email protected].

Just remember, The College Store will always care for you. PERIOD.

To know more about us, visit About Us.

Best Wishes,
Team College Store

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