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Tummy Solution : Launching Coupons @ The College Store

Posted on March 8th, 2015 by in The College Store

Ever thought of how these rise in diesel prices affect us? It’s as simple as solving a rubik’s cube :P. Just in brief, whenever even a single paisa of diesel increases, it leads to huge increment in production/manufacturing costs to the food companies. But most of the times their margins are huge, because of which the burden of price increment is not poured on customers. But in this open economy of cut-throat competition, companies and food chains want more and more customers in their stores to annul the effect of their production costs. They are ready to do anything for the kings and the queens. Ofcourse you know that you people, the consumers, are the kings and the queens.


This is where The College Store swoooops in….no matter how tight or light you are on your pocket, we bring you amazing deals of those amazing places you go every day/week/fortnight/month, which will make your eating, dining out, your living, enjoying and hanging out with friends more delightful and much more affordable.


coupons at thecollegestore


We know of many more lip smacking places. And we will bring every vendor from your vicinity, no matter from whichever college you are, even at the remotest place.


Also, the more you trust us, the deals will get better. Won’t be just for food, but also for electronics, sports, travel, apparels and all other things that we as students care and long for.


Just remember, The College Store will always care for you. PERIOD.

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Best Wishes,
Team College Store

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