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An idol of La Sara Kali

The Rozabal Line by Ashwin Sanghi

Posted on March 31st, 2015 by in Novel reviews

Ashwin Sanghi is a master of theological thrillers and has written 3 books in the category, each with a different historical character at centre namely Jesus, Chanakya and Krishna. He has the art of combining multiple storylines with few being in the past of and others being in the present and then bringing them together at the end. The storyline of the past tells the entire story of the character(in this case Jesus), then puts some elements of additional information in it based on conspiracy theories, while the mystery and main story part is in the present scenario.




The Rozabal Line by Ashwin Sanghi

This particular book is based on the conspiracy theory of the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and that Jesus didn’t die on the cross but lived the crucifixion and as many historians believe and have written, moved to Kashmir.


The tomb of Jesus

Tomb of Jesus in Kashmir


It all starts with a cardboard box with a severed head inside, found in a London Library. This results in a priest starting to find the truth behind the death of his friend and subsequently he becomes part of a bigger plot involving the Vatican and Al-Qaeda. Sanghi doesn’t base his story of Jesus’ bloodline only on myths and conspiracy theories, but on articles, documents and books found throughout the course of history found, connecting those writings and applying deductive logical thinking on it. And then he incorporates all of this in his storyline.

Sanghi also connects different religions by giving facts about many similarities in all religions which make the reader think whether all religions are really different and don’t all the religions have their roots in Hinduism. These are some of the facts which strike the priest when he goes continent to find the truth. And more and more facts he knows more and more people he angers. These people include The Vatican, Al-Qaeda and a cult aimed at protecting and keeping secret the bloodline of Jesus. It also makes the reader see how religions are ‘packaged’ to make them sell and how Vatican hides facts from people to retain its followers. It also explains how the Christianity vs Islam fight is helpful for some select groups and companies. It also explores the conspiracy theories of Illuminati, the All Seeing Eye, and Opus Dei etc.

But still the book doesn’t sound like a facts and figures book as all of these are incorporated beautifully in the storyline and the storyline and facts have a symbiotic relationship. Each adds elements of interest to other. All of Sanghi’s books have the same style, which makes each of them interesting. The entire storyline concludes with Sanghi deducing that the entire ceremony of crucifixion was actually a ceremony of marriage, Mary was from Magadh gave birth to La Sara Kali named after Indian Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati and Kali, that Jesus became famous because of Mary and not the other way round, lists his descendants till 21st Century (!) and that Jesus is buried in a tomb in Kashmir called Rozabal (Hence, the name Rozabal Line).


An idol of La Sara Kali

An idol of La Sara Kali, daughter of Mary

Sanghi’s writing is not as polished and light as Amish (both being pioneers of the field of theological writing in India), which can be made into a Karan Johar film, but is dark, gritty and shows the truth as it is. Sanghi presents facts, presents his views in form views of the story’s central character, priest and leaves the reader searching and thinking for truth after the book is finished. Ashwin Sanghi blends in multiple fields of writing like theology, history, geography, thriller, mystery etc and blends these totally different fields into one book beautifully. As The Week has quoted, “Dan Brown has an Indian challenge in Ashwin Sanghi”.

This was the synopsis of The Rozabal Line. There are many who prefer downloading books to their eBook readers or iPads, or computers. There are also many who console themselves that digital books look like real paper. If you are one of them and if you feel that the ebooks give out the same lignin as the real books do, then you can always download the pdf/epub file.

But all those, who too feel that the printed books give an altogether different feel and joy, who feel that there is something about holding a book in our own hands and the visceral act of physically turning a page which can not at all be compared with some pixels on a screen, don’t you worry. Head straight to The College Store or you can buy directly from this link.


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