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Coming up NEW : Research Series Trailer !

Posted on May 8th, 2015 by in Research

Ever wondered how your mobiles are going smarter and equally powerful as your laptops?

Ever wondered why our granaries are brimming with grains in spite of erratic rains or unpredictable weather conditions?

Ever wondered how our space exploration programmes have advanced so much that humanity has been able to land a rover not on a planet not on moon but on a comet.


There are many more of these things which must have intrigued many of us. All these milestones in humanity and our constant aggrandizing lifestyle has been possible by just one thing: Research. There is constant research in fields which even do not affect us directly but is of vital importance like which questions the very basic element of human existence, which constantly looks for other energy resources so that our fuel never dries up, which constantly devises new and improved ways of curing deadly diseases.



The College Store, in its endeavor to keep its student community up-to-date with what’s the hot-shot technology that is being worked upon in some lone research lab somewhere clandestine in world, or who’s done what to make our lives better in coming future, bring to you exclusive interview series with some of the most prominent student researchers from all around India. They are the ones who set themselves apart from their student colleagues. Mostly undergraduate, they started on a journey to seek answers to the questions which were never solved before. Their passion set them apart from everyone else and hence, they became inspirational sources for many.



We will bring you everything you would like to know, if you too want to follow the grueling yet extremely satisfying and rewarding path they chose for themselves. Many are working with leading research labs across India and world, many have published in top-notch tier-1 conferences across the globe and many are working on too complex problems for an average human mind to digest. But believe us, it’s going to be really fun and informative reading their journey and their work. Stay tuned for the series :)

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We have uptil now received an over-whelming response for our research blog series. Following are the topics that we have covered:

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