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Research Experience – Renewable Energy

Posted on May 12th, 2015 by in Research

The pace at which the human expectations and aspirations are going beyond the dreams of avarice, we will soon exhaust many of the natural resources on which we are extremely dependent. One of our main dependence is upon energy resources. Fossil fuel is one of the primary source of energy which helps us power our homes, cars, ACs everything. Rising environmental concerns have urged scientists to look for renewable sources of energy.

One of those scientists we caught up to interview for The College Store was Abhishek Ashok. Abhishek is currently pursuing his final year BE in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from NIE, Mysore. He has been a Google Student Ambassador of NIE and as an Intern at TVS Motor company, Hosur. Oflate, he has been occupied with research on Renewable energy sources with focused interest on photovoltaic cells. He has also been working on Embedded Systems specific to automotive sector.

Let’s know more about his research !

Your Domain of research :

  • Power generation using renewable energy sources and solar energy in particular

What is your research about ? Explain with some analogies and/or examples

  • I’ve been working on various different algorithms that can be used to track maximum power point of the solar cell. In the absence of these algorithms, we wont be able to extract the maximum energy of sunlight incident on the solar panels. In simple words, these algorithms help improve the efficiency of solar panels and therefore give out greater amount of power for given solar irradiance.

How is your research unique ?

  •  Well, given the depth of research that has gone into the field, it is hard to find a single great source that explains its fundamentals adequately. In the primitive stages, my research was primarily focused on performing extensive literature survey and publishing a review paper that would help all the newbies understand the field very well. Gladly, I have succeeded in writing one such paper which has now been submitted to conferences on renewable energies. Apart from the fundamental aspects, the paper also cites a number of other critical papers that newbies could refer to as their second step in understanding the field. Talking about its uniqueness, it is enough if you read this one paper than wailing away your time in digging through a number of papers in the hope to gain a good understanding of the field. The paper presents everything a newbie needs to know about this field. My second half of research (which is in progress) is focused on comparing various different algorithms using a number of factors and presenting the findings in a concise manner that would help people choose the algorithm optimized for climatic conditions in their living place.

How does your research help the people in industry or in academia ?

  • These algorithms are implemented in every solar inverters currently in use. My research helps the industry experts choose a specific algorithm that suits given topology and climatic conditions. Since both the factors differ from place to place, this research would help industries manufacture solar inverters with algorithms implemented specific to the place they are commissioned to be installed at.

Where did you get the inspiration about the research (A professor who guided you, or maybe you got inspiration from a peer, or a senior. Describe a little) ?

  • I’m extremely inquisitive by nature and research has always been the activity closest to my heart. I started out research in this field out of sheer curiosity. It has been predicted by Tony Seba, a Stanford Professor, that the world will witness a radical transformation from oil based energy consumption to complete green energy based energy consumption in less than 15 years from now! Green energy is the next predicted revolution after computers. Given its potential and the pace at which it is growing, it makes a lot sense to understand this technology well and contribute to it. This was my primary inspiration too chose to research in this area.

Any advice for newbies in this field of research ? Any good competitions/conferences the students should apply for ? How to take a start with research ?

  • Advice for newbies? Read my paper once published  It will give a good insight into this field and also will link you several other critical papers that help you penetrate deeper and understand better. Reading through a review paper should definitely be the best way to begin your research in any given field.

Contact details for the people to reach out to you.

  • Reach out to me at [email protected] and I will be glad to help to the best of my capacity!

We are very sure that Abhishek’s research work would have inspired or motivated many of you. We would be constantly unearthing the hidden talents all across the country. To read more of our interviews, visit our research blog series. You can also comment down below, anything that you have to say about the article above. If you want your research work to be covered by The College Store, contact us here. And of course, stay tuned for more ;)

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