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Project : Code Begetter

Posted on July 30th, 2015 by in Projects

As we all know, the current era of IT industry demands flexible, reliable and more importantly, a quicker output. There are literally hundreds of projects around the internet and the developers have come to their wits thinking that most of their time is used up in coding rather than the application development part. Now, coding is important however if you’re dealing with 5 projects a day, you would want some leverage in the coding part so that you can finish your projects faster. Even for a fresher, imagine the situation where he/she is trusted upon a project and is overwhelmed by the thought of coding for such a humongous task.

We have with us, 6 engineering students (college names) – Dhvani (VGEC), Khushboo (VGEC), Niyati (VGEC), Kinjal (VGEC), Aayush (L.J.) and Deep (Indus) who have developed an interesting product “Code Begetter”, that provides a one stop solution for getting an automatic code along with dynamic database just by filling up a few details !

Let’s know more about their work here !!

What’s the concept of the project?

“Code Begetter”  (where – ‘To beget’ means ‘to generate’) generates an automatic code as well as its dynamic database based on the requirements of the users. We have come up with the idea of providing this service as we understand the time complexities faced by the developers in completing their projects in short deadlines. The less you code, the lesser the complexity.

How is your concept unique?

We did some research regarding the relevance and previous attempts and as far as we could stretch our surfing capabilities, we came across a system called Springfuse which was an online automated Java code generator. (I can say this system helps us to develop our idea)

Our system is different from any other system because we work on Java and the code provided by us to the user is also in Java along with the database connectivity. As well as the project given to the user contains basic operations like insert, delete, update and search in jsp file format.

As per our knowledge and surfing capabilities, there in no such system at present which provides these kind of facility.

Tools/Technologies/Platforms/Languages you have worked with 

  • Programming language: Java-J2EE
  • Front-End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, JSP, HTML5and CSS3
  • Tools: Eclipse Kepler, SQL Yog
  • Web Server: Apache Tomcat7
  • Frame work: Hibernate with MVC
  • Database: MySQL

What are the challenges you have faced throughout the project? How did you overcome them?

The main feature of our system is ‘Manage Project’, it contains options like edit project title, add project, submit project name( for further editing in detail ) and the last option i.e. Change Order where user can alter the order of the controls just by ‘drag n drop’ ( but this ‘just drag n drop’ was very tough task ). For e.g. you have entered control names in order of last name and first name so you need to change the order by first name and then last name, so at that time change order will help you to alter that order.

The other features i.e. Modify project and Control Hierarchy were also difficult to implement but we nailed it.(Modify project will allow you to alter any details in your own project though you have generated it and Control Hierarchy will keep the track of user’s controls and show them.)

The ONE “Eureka” moment for you during the project

At the end of the project when the first trial was done and ‘the mail was sent from the Code Begetter team to the user with his/her project(in zip format) as  attachment’ that was the Eureka moment for all of us.

Do you have a working prototype of your project?

Right now we are working on localhost so you can view some of the screenshots of the system here.

Any outstanding achievement/recognition you’ve received so far

Every year our college (VGEC) organizes an event called “OPEN HOUSE” where selected projects from all branches participate in the competition. In this department level competition we secured 3rd place.

What’s your vision for this project or you think could be the future?

Code Begetter aims at solving problems like impossible deadlines, risk management, code provision in accordance with the naming standards. We are positive about the overall idea of our project and would very much like a platform just like this wherein we can present this idea and hope for an optimistic feedback.

Initially the services provided by our system will cost nothing. In future we will provide packages option where you can have as many projects you want and it will cost few money which is definitely affordable. Our main targeted audience is college students(IT/Computer), code developers.

End goal is to enhance the system which makes coding easier.

Contact details to reach out to you

Mehta Dhvani ([email protected] ; Contact no: +91-9173017769)

We are very sure that this project work would have inspired or motivated many of you. We would be constantly unearthing the hidden talents all across the country. To read more of our interviews, visit our project blog series. You can also comment down below, anything that you have to say about the article above. If you want your project work to be covered by The College Store, contact us here. And of course, stay tuned for more ;)

To know more about us, visit About Us.

Best Wishes,
Team College Store

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