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A Perfect Solution : The College Store

Posted on February 21st, 2015 by in The College Store

Are you tired of roaming around to get the books ?

Do you find difficulties in finding the books that your professors recommend ?

Do you find the new books too costly ?

Do you want to get rid of your used books and earn pocket money ?

Do you want to buy the “costly” books at almost half the price than MRP ?


If you have ever had any of the above questions in your mind, then..

We, at “The College Store” provide you the exact and the best solution !

India’s first ever online used book store which aim to cater the needs of the college students in best possible manner in their college itself !!

And we assure you to deliver the best quality at the best price !

Yes ! You are at the right place.

Stay Tuned !


To know more about us, visit About Us.

Best Wishes,
Team College Store

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