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The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Posted on April 9th, 2015 by in Novel reviews

Khaled Hosseini is an Afghan-born novelist and the story of his books is also set in Afghanistan with Afghan characters. With his novels he tries to raise awareness in people about his war-torn homeland and the problems people face there. He shows that Afghans are the victims of terrorism and not the perpetrators. The Kite Runner is also one such book which shows the impact of wars on Afghans as well as the bond of friendship.



The Kite Runner is written as first person perspective of the story’s central character, Amir. Amir lives in Wazir Akbar Khan district with his rich and successful father (who views Amir as a failure as Amir is not like him) and their servants, a Hazara father son duo Ali and Hassan, who are like family members to Ali and his father.

Both the servants are extremely loyal to the family and Hassan stands up for Amir whenever required but Amir betrays Hassan on the only occasion when Hassan requires his help. This leads to a chain of events which leaves Amir burdened with guilt and sets him on his journey for redemption. The story is set in 3 parts.

First part is about the deep bond between Amir and Hassan and their families and the betrayal by Amir after a kite competition. Before Amir can redeem himself, Ali’s family leaves the house and moves to different city. Meanwhile, Afghanistan is attacked by Russia which starts the massive migration of Afghans to other lands. Amir and his father move to America and the second part deals mainly with their settling in the foreign lands and Amir’s marriage. When everything seems to be going fine for Amir, he receives a phone call from his father’s friend, Rahim Khan, who gives him a last chance of redemption. This conversation reveals many secrets about his life and he sets out for his journey of redemption, back to where he started, to Afghanistan. Only this time it’s not a land of happy kite flying, kabob eating and praying Afghans but a land pushed to destitution and terrorism by the Taliban. Amir takes his journey for redemption in this war-torn land with his driver Farid. After redeeming himself and going back to San Francisco, his life still doesn’t become normal but keep inching towards it slowly.



The entire story takes the reader through a cocktail of emotions and as the story is written in first person, it is truly immersing. Whenever one starts feeling that the story is too linear and predictive there is a well devised plot twist to keep the reader engrossed. The story is truly heartbreaking, inspiring and unforgettable (as many reviewers have stated). It’s a tale of friendship and love set a war-torn Afghanistan which also manages to keep the central concept of kites and kite running in the picture.

Khaled Hosseini by his novel is able to rouse the feeling of compassion towards Afghanistan and the Afghans in the readers and it changes one’s outlook towards the Taliban ruled land which is considered as a breeder of terrorism. As Hosseini states in the prologue, many readers have contributed to the betterment of Afghanistan (and not only monetarily) after reading the novel and knowing about the situation of Afghanistan. The Kite Runner is truly a masterpiece for being able to present an emotionally touching story such effectively and being able to make a social impact.



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