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Exams Special : Flash Sale at The College Store

Posted on April 19th, 2015 by in The College Store

Introducing the first ever flash sale of The College Store

No matter how much you wished that your exams would have delayed or some catastrophe could strike which would permanently waive off your exams. Don’t start judging us! We know that you are good at heart and won’t wish for a catastrophe to waive off your exams. Following up from our previous blog post we all know that now the season of exams is here and about to ripe and everyone of you better start preparing to make up for all the masti-dhamaal or some of your own project work you did early in the semester when your professor was begging you to do his/her work on time. Whereas now the balls are in their court and professors are the bosses and believe it or not, but you are their minions. So better start studying otherwise you will get your ass kicked in that examination hall and professors will win. Ofcourse, we at The College Store are not biased towards anyone.


But hey!! secretly we do support you so that instead of you getting your ass kicked in exams, you can do the other way around :P. Ofcourse through a proper legitimate route, that is, Studying !! :D (Why !! Expected some other way? Haha).  So you know what we did? We worked day and night and did what we promised here to bring you the right material exclusively for your exams. Yes, you anticipated very correctly. The magical pain reliever is here. You now can register for buying #TechMax #EasySolutions and all other exam material at rate never before offered by anyone.

What’s more!! #First100 orders get free delivery (No strings attached, for sure !).

 Note: Only those who have registered before the sale begins, will be able to proceed ahead with the purchase.  Also, the number of free deliveries might increase depending upon the orders.

Also, if you don’t find a particular book you were looking for or a publisher we haven’t listed? Don’t worry. Comment down below or Just drop us a mail at: [email protected]  or directly to me at [email protected] or directly contact us here. We promise of a blazing fast response and delivery.

Needless to say, you all know our philosophy. The College Store will always care for you. PERIOD.

To know more about us, visit About Us.

Best Wishes,
Team College Store

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