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Creatika – Ignite Creativity !

Posted on October 24th, 2015 by in Events

We, at The College Store, are always looking for opportunities through eagle’s eyes, to help its audience in all possible ways. And we have found yet another one. Calling out all the students and professionals over there!! Is Design and Web Development space an unexplored territory for you!? Or you are a Pro in it? Look no further, because we have a Design-a-thon in town folks!!

The Main motive behind “Creatika” is to get Creative minds - UI/UX designers and Web developers together to network and get their creative juices during this competition. Usually Hackathons that are organised for coders/developers, this is more Design focused. There are two categories that the participants can sign up for:
1. UI Design
2. PSD to HTML conversion



Here are some more details about the event !

What are the goals to be achieved at the end of the event ? Why should I attend ?
The participant would be able to prove their creative skills while competing with other talented professionals in their line of work. Not only will they get to share ideas and network with other Designers and Web developers, but also get a chance to test their own capacity to deliver creative ideas while working under pressure. Its the thrill to deliver your best in the designated time period of the competition.

What is in for me ?
You would get to network with other designers in the field, learn from them and compete with each other. Not only would you get boasting rights on winning the competition, but also get cash prizes for the first two positions in both the categories.

Where and When is the event ? Registrations ?
The event is scheduled for the 25th Oct, Sunday at Rishabh Software Office (Vadodara). Interested participates can register on our website till tomorrow – Saturday 24th October.

Any pre-requisites ?
No pre-requisites.
Interested competitors need to get their laptops with the desired design tools on it. Internet connectivity and laptop charging docks would be provided. There would be refreshments provided as well.

A bit about the organizers !
Its organised by domain enthusiasts and sponsored by Rishabh Software.
Rishabh Software is a CMMI Level-3 company that provides web, mobile and cloud development services, business process services and engineering services. We are headquartered in Vadodara with offices in the US & UK.

Want to get some more information ? Connect here -

We are very sure that this event will indeed turn to be a worth attending event for all of you ! We would be constantly connecting you with more and more events happening all across the country. You can also comment down below, anything that you have to say about the article above. If you want your event to be covered by The College Store, contact us here. And of course, stay tuned for more ;)

To know more about us, visit About Us.

Best Wishes,
Team College Store

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