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Posted on July 20th, 2015 by in Projects

You know what’s common between Google, Facebook, Yahoo, WordPress, Microsoft, Reddit, Dell, FedEx, Time Magazine, Napster and innumerably many more?

There all were started as college projects ! read it damn right. None of the founders were looking for that “one” big idea and did not wait to for that idea to strike and then start. They all looked for a big problem, and just simply set out to solve it. You would be even more surprised that out of the above listed companies, only 3 were started out as businesses.


India, is a melting pot of talent and it’s no surprise to the technologists around the globe that the next Google, Facebook will be from India. And who knows, there might be something building in one of your adjacent hostel rooms right now!! Or who knows a professor might have rated an economics term paper which revolutionizes the freight and goods transportation industry, a C grade, which sometime later may shape up to become the new FedEx of India.


We, at The College Store, have been going college to college in search of the next big idea which started or is starting, as a project and carries immense potential to become the next big thing. Stay tuned! Because we are sure that you will be really proud when your children will be using something that was built in our age. It’s time, that the GenX gives something to the world. Enough of 1970s – 2000 products!!


If you feel that you did something really ground breaking, which carries potential to be taken ahead by you or by like minded people all over the country, do write to us. We’ll reach out to you, with all the best possible resources. Comment down below, if you want to get yours’ or somebody’s project to be covered. We will help you to scale it up to great heights. That’s a promise !! :)

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Best Wishes,
Team College Store

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