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Posted on June 15th, 2015 by in Events

You must have came across at least a few different people while you were in school, quite a few in college, and several of them in real life. They are the people who are envied by many and are a tad difficult to find even in the burgeoning population of a country like ours. But wait!! Who are they? Where are they?

Vector Self Employment Concept In Flat Style

Peace…Calm… everybody because all answers lie with The College Store. They are the ones called ALL ROUNDERS. Yes!! They are the ones who excel in almost everything, they simply rage with their presence wherever they go. And at least one of them will always be somewhere near you, wherever you go.

But not all of them are god-gifted. Many of them have strived really hard to go an extra mile, when everybody else were cozying in comfortably in an AC. They are the ones who are on a mission to aggrandize their horizons of knowledge, extra-curriculars as well as development of talents which dazzle everyone.


Those All-Rounders make sure that they never miss out an opportunity to learn and explore new things, to do what they really like to do. We at The College Store, in its passion to serve the student community, will make sure that everyone gets an equal and promising platform which is bubbling with opportunities and calling everyone aloud.


The College Store launches its exclusive platform which will cover events all around the nationin detail. Everything and anything, that we feel is super cool and super useful, will be on College Store. Now anyone can be an all rounder. If you want your event to be covered by The College Store, contact us here. And of course, stay tuned for more ;)

The College Store will always care for you. PERIOD.

To know more about us, visit About Us.

Best Wishes,
Team College Store

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