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Calling The College Officers !

Posted on April 2nd, 2015 by in The College Store

The College Store foreign affairs ministry has announced the position of The College Officer who will be appointed as an official ambassador of his/her college and handle & manage all the external and home ministry of The College Store – his/her college’s diplomatic affairs.


Who are The College Officers?

They are the leaders, who represent the voice of their college. Brimming with enthusiasm to build a community, they are the do-ers of their college which set them apart from the rest of the crowd. They are determined to put their college on the national map of The College Store, and to showcase the rich academic, sports, and all other fun-frolic culture of their own college in front of all, by contributing to the intellectually and culturally rich bouquet of The College Store colleges.

What do The College Officers do?

  • Create, maintain and grow an active online and offline community and awareness for The College Store present and upcoming products and services.
  • Lead a key role in making any College Store content viral over online social media, mass mails, and on whatsapp through compatible posters of each medium.
  • Provide essential information and data about their own college, in order to help The College Store serve the exclusive college community better.
  • Bring their marketing, PR, oratory, and writing skills to force for promoting The College Store in blogs, while talking to people, while bringing their batchmates on-board.

What’s in it for the officers?

Just imagine, at college level how many students get to work for/on a live project. All they end up is, learning loads of theory, and implementing them in college assignments. Only in an organization like The College Store which is a product built with a fine mixture of technology and marketing mantras for the customers, it truly gives an apt platform for all its ambassadors to be able to explore any or all aspect of their inner-self, be it technology, marketing, event or team management, writing or even nirvana. In addition to that, joining The College Store community will bring you very close to some really very awesome people, who are a bunch of technology geeks, marketing gurus, or people with whom when you talk to, you will feel that you have travelled half of the world.

Still you want to know what’s more for the officers?

  • The officers would get the first batch of The College Store present and upcoming products and services for free, just like the way Apple employees get all the latest versions of iPhones, iPads before their launch for free !!!
  • Each officer would be a proud owner of official College Store merchandise including T-shirt, swags, caps and other personalized accessories.
  • Every month, one officer would be chosen as the “Ambassador of the Month”, who will be featured on the official blog of The College Store and would be invited for an official meal at The College Store head office.
  • Experience in leadership, event management, PR, marketing, digital media marketing skills.
  • Based on performance and interest, a few select officers would get a chance to do an all expense paid summer internship with The College Store.
  • Based on the performance and deliverables that comply with the interest of The College Store, a monthly stipend.
  • Cross university meetups – an opportunity to network with amazing minds from across different campuses and feature on The College Store website every half/full year.
  • Work certificate and/or recommendation letter.
Pretty convinced that you do not want to miss out this amazing opportunity? Here’s how you can apply.
If you are a student, a community builder (or willing to be one), and would like to imbibe all the learning opportunities listed above:
Fill up this small form:
or Mail Us at [email protected]
or Contact Us here.

To know more about us, visit About Us.

Best Wishes,
Team College Store

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