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Research Experience – Natural Language Processing

Posted on May 11th, 2015 by in Research

Most of the times, it’s Google (as an organization) which carries out highly coveted research in developing algorithms to understand and revolutionize the science of which webpages to retrieve and show for a particular search query in least possible time, out of all the available billions of webpages. But The College Store was very much sure that there must be somebody-somewhere who would be improvising or devising new ways of beating Google in its procedure of delivering relevant search results quickly.

And we knew that we have found our man in Tejas Koundinya. He is still an Under Graduate and he is pursuing his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science and Engineering from K. S. Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India. He has been doing his research in the field of Search Reranking and Natural Language Processing. Not that he is just a programming enthusiast, but he has been channeling his enthusiasm in developing Android and Cloud Applications with an interest in Artificial Intelligence. Along with his love for evangelizing technology, he enjoys building and interacting with developer communities. Being a Google Student Ambassador, he also helped in developing student developer communities all throughout Bangalore.

Let’s know more about his research !


image of Tejas Koundinya
Your Domain of research :

  • Search Reranking
  • Natural Language Processing

What is your research about ? Explain with some analogies and/or examples

  • I have been researching on how to improvise search results from Google Search, based on textual content in websites.
  • Google Search usually bumps up posts / articles on popular websites like Wikipedia, Stackoverflow, etc. for most search queries. Sometimes, these articles may not have the most valuable information in them. More often than not, people click on the first couple of results on Google Search for a particular query and try to make sense of what information they want. My research makes use of Natural Language Processing to make sense on how good the content on a particular website is.

How is your research unique ?

  • My research purely looks at content in Google Search’s result set and ranks them according to relevance to the search query.

How does your research help the people in industry or in academia ?

  • Users can save their valuable time by letting the re-ranking algorithm select the best result for them, instead of having to spend time in deciding the best result, or not getting to the best result at all.

Where did you get the inspiration about the research (A professor who guided you, or maybe you got inspiration from a peer, or a senior. Describe a little) ?

  • My professor and I had a little chat about how search works and how, sometimes, you do not get relevant content in search queries. So, we decided to start thinking of ways to potentially increase the learning curve of the user by providing the user with the best content possible through NLP engines. One thing lead to another and we came up with an algorithm which provides wonderful results.

Any advice for newbies in this field of research ? Any good competitions/conferences the students should apply for ? How to take a start with research ?

  • Natural Language Processing is a stepping stone to Artificial Intelligence. Anyone interested in making people’s lives easier, should have a look at NLP. The aspect dear to mankind is the ability of speech. When you are able to process the most common feature of Humans, a whole world of opportunities opens up.
  • I suggest that you not rush into completing a research paper. Take your time in getting your research right. Do your homework on the best methods to solve any kind of problem you may face.
  • For students wanting to start with research, I suggest you start with identifying you domain of interest. The research domain must be chosen carefully, it should be something you like, something dear to you. Your passion towards the domain will drive you to start with your research. After you choose your domain of interest, start looking at various problems which the world faces, which can be solved by using your knowledge in your domain of interest. This will give you a good start with your research and make you ride through those roads untraveled.

Contact details for the people to reach out to you.

We are very sure that Tejas’s research work would have inspired or motivated many of you. We would be constantly unearthing the hidden talents all across the country. To read more of our interviews, visit our research blog series. If you want your research work to be covered by The College Store, contact us here. And of course, stay tuned for more ;)

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Best Wishes,
Team College Store

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